Forensic Litigation


We offer bespoke forensic litigation support in London; working with cross-disciplinary teams to help businesses protect themselves from disputes with forensic accounting services. Essentially, we help our clients protect their enterprise value by evaluating intellectual property, lost profits, confirming professional malpractice or breach of contract by the business, employees, contracts or clients.

We work as forensic and fraud accountancy investigators to work as expert witnesses during legal disputes. As companies are being held more responsible for the actions of employees, executives or parties, we play a crucial role to showcase your company’s transparency and minimise impact of fraud against your company.

Forensic Litigation Support

The economic and financial analysis of your company requires expert knowledge and experience that takes decades to acquire. We provide valuable insight into your company’s financial history to assemble evaluation of damages to your business. This involves supporting claims for intellectual property damages, earn-out disputes and of course internal investigations of your company that are valid evidence in court.

Finding trustworthy forensic litigation professionals is a challenge in itself, as this involves multidisciplinary skills in accountancy, law and forensic science. Fortunately, you have just found the right team that is reliable, trustworthy and most importantly; incredibly accurate. AS Chartered accountants, available at your discretion.